Today: October 26, 2021, 2:01 am

Printer Supply Monitor (PSM) - Product Description

The Printer Supply Monitor (PSM) allows you to monitor the supply levels, page counters and error status on your printing devices. Devices are monitored using 3 types of monitoring profiles, which you can assign to each device individually:

- Printer Profiles (Contain the part numbers, consumable descriptions and thresholds of each printer model)
   Printer Profiles are automaticly created for new devices. The only thing to complete manually are the part numbers

- Error Profiles (can contain individual filters and rules for error control of the devices)

- Counter Profiles (contain the information about which MIB to read to get the page counters)
   Counter MIB's are device and manufacturer dependent. A wide range is already in the product.

You can assign your devices to various Groups:

- Groups for Ordering (Supplier Groups, with different email addresses for ordering)
- Groups for Error Messages (to send Error Messages to individual help desks or support organisations)
- Groups for Toner Change (to send alerts to individual service peoples when toners are near empty)
- Groups for Management and Reporting (to have a better overview and allow individual usage and counter reports)



How it works:

PSM does SNMP queries on each device and gathers the consumable levels, error status and page counters. You can specify how often PSM should query the devices. If PSM detects for example a toner below the specified threshold, PSM will make a note of it. If there is an error detected PSM will send an alert right away. Consumable orders are sent once a day, or in specifiable Intervals.

At midnight PSM does a cleanup and will make an entry of the page counters for each printer in the database. These entries are used by the reporting section, for example to create a report of how many pages printed for a specific device or group of devices. All reports, alerts, and orders are sent by email.

The customer can check the status of he's devices directly on PSM, by simply using a web browser.


How secure is it?

It is very secure! Since PSM is installed as a box or as a VMWare Image inside the company, it does not need any external connection. The customer has full control over PSM, and specifies the email addresses, where to send alerts and orders. PSM does not read or deal with any customer sensitive data at all. Please check the technical specifications to see the communication protocols needed.

PSM also has it's own user management, allowing to specify additional users with limited, group or functionality, or even read only access.